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Branding and Content Consulting

Branding is Everything

Content is King

Branding is about the holistic customer experience. It includes the obvious things – like your logo, tagline, website, signage and stationery – and it also covers the not-so-obvious things, such as your values, back story and language style. Think of it as the entire customer journey, from first glimpse to fervent loyalty. Getting branding right is the single most important thing you can do for the marketing of your business.

You might have an existing brand that needs revamping, or you may be starting from scratch with a new brand. Either way, our branding and content processes are market-proven for formulating the strategy that comes before the design work. You can expect to be included every step of the way, because your knowledge and experience are vital ingredients in the exercise. By being part of the voyage, you can share the satisfaction of arriving at the best outcome.

To hit the nail on the head every time, we develop brands based on customer needs and competitive opportunity. It’s a process that starts with understanding the customer journey, continues with identifying your advantages compared to the competition, and finishes with development of the brand assets you need to meet (and hopefully exceed) your business objectives. Successful branding is a judicial balance of business science and design creativity.

We craft engaging corporate stories, making the complex simple and the remote accessible. We do so in a tone of voice that speaks directly to your audience, while complementing your brand and strategic objectives.

We can help at all points in the communications journey. At the planning stage, we can help you decide on the best channel, format and tone. Having agreed this foundation, we can support you through every stage of the project: from drafting the brief to research, and ultimately implementation.

If you want the entire job taken off your hands, we can direct the whole project, supported by our proven designers and project managers. Alternatively, we can help you with one discrete part of the communications process. The choice is entirely yours.

Our content expertise ranges from social media, corporate reporting, brochure writing and thought leadership to creating jingles, corporate theme songs, documentaries, short films and videos. The chances are, if you are interested in a particular format, we’ve done something like it and gladly do it for you too!

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