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Document Digitization

Digitize Your Legacy Documents and Media With Our Range of Data Digitization and Document Indexing Services, OCR and Restoration of Various Media Formats.

The Future is Digital!

Social Friendly provides Digitization solutions that make decesion-making faster and collaborations more efficient. Transform your paper documents and files into useful, accessible and actionable information.

Experience a whole new level of efficiency and innovation with our end-to-end document management and digitization solutions.

How much of your critical business information is stored in paper form? What happens if that paper is damaged, lost, stolen — or simply hidden in file cabinets and storage boxes, making it virtually irretrievable?

Our range of secure document digitization, indexing and restoration solutions will help convert all your existing data and physical documents and media into digital formats for freeing up storage space and access. Enhance customer experience with faster access to information and empower your team to be more efficient.

No matter the nature of business or industry, we can tailor solutions to suit your needs.

Document Digitization & Management
Finance & Insurance
Secure Backups & Destruction
Medical Records Digitization & Index
Document Indexing, Tagging & OCR

Revolutionize your business and turn physical into digital with our innovative solutions

Document Imaging

Our high-quality scanners and data entry services accurately capture and convert your physical documents into digital files, indexing them so they can be structured and easily searched.

OCR Conversions

Optical character recognition (OCR) transforms images, handwritten text and scripts into machine-encoded editable text, for easy insertion into Word, Excel or PDF files.

Automated Process

A combination of OCR and handwriting recognition software is capable of capturing data from scanned forms, surveys, invoices, HR records, manuals, magazines, books and more.

Digital Restoration

Digital restoration manipulates the scanned documents/images to repair damage, remove blemishes and create an easy-to-read copy for future use. Digital restoration also enhances the OCR process.

Digitization Benefits for Your Business

Improved Accessibility
Quicker access to your documents by multiple people on multiple platforms. Whether you're on the road using your phone or working remotely from home, accessing digital documents are made possible by our document management and digitization solutions.
Cost Efficiency
While a digitization project is an investment in itself, scanning documents cuts overhead costs. The cost of printing and copying is significantly reduced. More importantly, a lot of time is saved which could otherwise be wasted in searching for relevant information in a pile of documents, hindering productivity.
Faster Searchability
Hard copy documents are difficult to store and manage, Searching for information in piles of paper stored in file cabinets over the years can become frustrating. Using a search functionality, sorting through digital documents takes just a few seconds, if they are indexed properly.
Enhanced Security
Physical documents are at risk from natural disasters, human error (misplacing or losing documents), natural ageing, etc. The vulnerability is beyond your control. Digitizing your documents enable you to have multiple backups, so your data is preserved for years to come.

Our Digitization Process

Collection of Documents / Data
Our journey begins with gathering all the relevant physical documents, records and media that need to be digitized. Our team will be in touch with you and arrange to securely transport the said documents to our offices for conversion.
Preparing the Documents for Conversion
Once the documents reach our premises, we begin our prep work, which includes removing staples, post-its, clips and binding. We then arrange and order the pages for the scanning process.
Scanning of Documents and Media
Then starts the scanning process. Our high quality scanners have flexible functionality to suit a wide range of document types including fragile pages, books, odd-sized pages and double-sided pages.
Post-Capture Processing
As part of our digitization solutions, we assist with document naming and structuring, image optimization, cataloguing, indexing and pagination. If you require, we can also send your documents through OCR processing for better text recognition and indexing.
Quality Control (QC)
All scanned documents, images and media undergo a quality control process to ensure high quality digital files are delivered to you. If some files are found to be under our standards, they are rescanned, enhanced and optimized further.
Digital Storage and Delivery
Whatever your choice of export post-digitization, we can deliver the files to you on a hard drive, usb drive, CD or via secure cloud transfer. Our team is also capable of creating a cloud-based secure Document Management System for all your digital documents.
Return / Disposal of Documents
Your documents and media can be returned to you post-digitization or destroyed confidentially and securely. If you choose to have your paperwork destroyed, a certificate of destruction will be issued.
Image by Thomas Somme

We offer a fully-managed Digitization service. Our team of experts take utmost care at every aspect of the document digitizing process.

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