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Shifts in Fashion Trends | Interview with ThruMyfits

From the 1900s where gloves were the “it-thing” to 2010s with oversized sunglasses and now high street fashion. Fashion as an industry is categorized by never-ending innovation and sustained creativity.

Upon the rise of the COVID 19 pandemic, with lockdowns in place all over the globe, the fashion world took a serious hit. Brick-and-mortar retailers shutting down stores and encouraging financially burdened customers to move online, extensive online marketing and discounts in an already recessionary market and simply, a downturn in profits.

The following is an interview conducted by Tanishka Lakhotia with ThruMyfits to understand the impact of fashion on someone heavily involved in the fashion industry. ThruMyfits is a fashion and influencer page based out of London, United Kingdom. The content revolves around the future of the fashion industry with a focus on the new influencer trends becoming increasingly popular.

What major changes have you seen in the fashion industry on account of the pandemic?

There have been many changes in the fashion industry, one of the major changes is the decrease in sales due to stores being shut however, brands like ASOS have kept their customer satisfaction high with new items being worn on models inside their homes without photographers. Also, during the pandemic brands were unable to create fashion shows which led to decrease in promotions and advertising however, Jacquemus did a fashion catwalk without press and audience but advertised this on social media, this was a great way of promoting, as it was unique for their audience. Lastly, another big change resulting in the pandemic was stores closing down, big brands like Topshop have now closed over 20 stores, which has been a loss in jobs and sales. Although there have been changes in the industry, brands have found ways to work around these problems.

What do you believe is the next big thing in the realm of fashion?

Fashion trends are always making comebacks, right now pieces from the 90s is popular within the industry e.g. big pants, small shoulder bags, scarves. This has led to vintage stores and charity stores making many more sales than earlier years. I don't believe there can be one big thing in the realm of fashion as is it always changing and developing.

How do you think the role of fashion influencers has changed in the last couple of years?

The role of fashion influencers has a very big impact in the sales and advertising section of a brand, as most influencers have a following that like their fashion sense and will be likely to purchase the items they are promoting. Influencers get paid by the brands to do this and I believe they have a good relationship with both their fans and the brands which allow them more opportunities including the brand having higher sales and more involvement with its audience.

What do you think is key to succeeding as an influencer currently?

The key to succeeding as an influencer is to be yourself and really focus on your own dreams, being consistent with your fashion field is key, the more you upload and show, the more people will see your work and appreciate it. Also following trends is important, seeing what trends are new and upcoming to be able to catch viewer's attention, but while doing this making sure you know your style and what you want to focus on within the fashion industry. Following your dreams will always make you succeed because you are doing what you love with passion.

What are views of sustainable fashion and do you support any particular brands on the same?

Sustainable fashion is amazing but unfortunately not many brands use sustainable recycled materials. I don't think this affects these brands majorly as not many people care enough for the environmental factors behind this. Vivienne Westwood is a great example here as they have eliminated all use of acrylic fabrics, polyester and plastic, this shows that if a big brand that is known can do this many other brands can also.

As we move forward in this rather peculiar time, the fashion industry is likely to witness major changes in almost every aspect right from consumer mindsets and buying patterns to the way retail actually takes place. An impending change in the value chain is imminent and here’s to hoping to more sustainable fashion contributing to the movement of a greener world.

The interview is conducted by Tanishka Lakhotia, a management intern at Social Friendly. Tanishka is a sophomore at Georgia Institute of Technology, commonly referred to as Georgia Tech.

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