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Future of Music – Karolina Beimcik

The Covid-19 crisis has had a big impact on the performing music industry. With fresh lockdowns being imposed in all over the world, and the number of cases rising everyday, musicians enthralling an arena full of audience, still remains a distant dream. For musicians, who depend more on live gigs than sustaining themselves through just pre recorded tracks, the last four months have been extremely tough, and the near future has looks equally testing.

Next up in the ‘Future of Everything’ series, Social Friendly speaks to Karolina Beimcik, a classical violinist and vocalist based out of Poland, about what the pandemic means for Music and Musicians and how she perceives the Future of Music.

Live music is cancelled for the foreseeable future and record stores remain closed, but the music industry is adapting. From a rise in streaming listeners to increased connectivity and creativity, Karolina shares that while there is struggle, now is the time to implement real and meaningful change.

P.S: Watch out for the surprise performance by Karolina in the end.

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