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Akanksha Tyagi on Going the Extra Mile | Tajagna DRC

Akanksha Tyagi, founder and director at Social Friendly, speaks to the dynamic students of Daulat Ram College, Delhi University about Going the Extra Mile and Preparing for the Post-Pandemic World.

It was highly interactive and interesting session hosted by the Tajagna Quiz Society of DRC. Through this session, Akanksha answered some of the key questions that students are faced with in this constantly changing world about Career, Jobs, Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Art. The session was held under the guidance of Dr. Smarika Nawani, Assistant Professor, Delhi University and moderated by Ms. Barkha Wadhva.

The session ended with a request by the students of DRC to Akanksha, an alumni of DRC herself, to hum a melody, and transport everyone to the founding days of Alahyaa, the music society of DRC, of which Akanksha was a founding member.

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