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Himalayan Consensus Summit

The fourth edition of Himalayan Consensus Summit, an annual event bringing together pioneers, business and financial leaders across the region to forge pragmatic ways to local challenges, concluded on April 2nd, with six sessions and three presentations. Held at Hotel Himalaya in Kathmandu, Nepal, the Summit was hosted by the Himalayan Consensus Institute with Nepal Economic Forum as its Secretariat.

The annual Summit stands atop the Himalayan Consensus process that was initiated with the issuance of the Himalayan Consensus Declaration in November 2014. This process symbolizes a unique paradigm focused on keeping socio-economic development abreast with environmental conservation in one of the world’s most economically dynamic, environmentally fragile and socially vulnerable regions i.e. the Himalayan region. The process concentrates on Himalayan knowledge and traditions and channelizes the same through the Summit to achieve solutions in the form of concrete outcomes that are pragmatic, policy-driven as well as applicable and adapted by the concerned governments in the region.

The Summit cantered on the emerging concept of Himalayan Circular Economy. In this context, Philippus Wester, Regional Programme Manager - Mountain Knowledge & Action Networks, ICIMOD delivered a presentation on impacts of climate change in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region. Likewise, speakers in other sessions highlighted the much needed transformation towards a prosperous and low-carbon development in the region and its effects on the contemporary developmental issues, particularly in the Himalayan region.

Overall, the core of the summit revolved around making people a priority, the need of innovation for sustainable development and sharing the social responsibility as we share a future.In this context, Nepal Economic Forum has embarked on incubating the Himalayan Circular Economic Forum to acknowledge the rising need for discourse around circular economy.

Until date, the Himalayan Consensus Summit has had almost 200 speakers and over 600 delegates participated in the summit. While HCS 2019 had 29 local and international speakers, more than 200 delegates attended the summit.

Social Friendly also helped create the Theme Song and Introduction Video for the 2019 edition of HCS - The Mountains Are Calling.

Music Direction: Prassenjit Lahiri

Voiceover: Nikhil Kapoor

Flautist: Saubhagya Gandharva

Arrangement: Naveen Tiwari

Mix and Master: Samujjwal Shill

Production: Social Friendly

Glimpses from the Summit

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