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Circular Economy - Himalayan Experiences & Opportunities

Himalayan Circular Economy Forum (HiCEF) is a platform to ideate, research, initiate policy dialogues and disseminate information relating to circular economy and the Himalayas. The Forum aims to bring together firms and institutions that are embracing circularity in their systems and contributing towards sustainable societies.

This event was one of the activities conducted under HiCEF to unravel the business and policy context of circular economy with the participation of business leaders, government officials, diplomats, representatives of civil societies, national and international organizations, academicians, private sector enterprises, entrepreneurs, researchers, practitioners and students. The event brought 14 national and international speakers and more than 125 delegates.

Opening Session

The opening session highlighted the context for the event, wherein speakers expounded upon their own experiences on circular economy. They also underscored various regional as well as global solutions and practices that could harness planetary synergies, transcend boundaries, and uphold coordinated efforts for a smooth transition from the current linear model towards a circular one.

Speakers in this session:

  • Claudia Hiepe, Head, German Development Cooperation

  • Juergen P. Kropp, Head of Climate Change and Development, PIK

Session 1: Business Context of Circular Economy

This session underscored the efforts initiated by practitioners to make their business more sustainable and environment friendly. For the circular economy to reap benefits, it is important to have a widespread implementation of circular economy business models. Hence, the session touched upon all the factors that could support the implementation of a circular economy, vis-à-vis representing a detailed description of hindrances that obstruct the implementation of such a business model.

Speakers in this session:

  • Kushal Harjani, Co-Founder, Doko Recyclers

  • Rikesh Gurung, Founder and MD, Green Road, Bhutan

  • Taylor Smythe, Founder and CEO, Clean City

  • Tyler McMahon, Co-Founder and International Advisor, SmartPaani

  • Sujeev Shakya, Founder and CEO, Beed Management

Session 2: Policy Context of Circular Economy

The session on ‘Policy Context of Circular Economy’ delved into some of the issues and anchors identified by experts and policymakers in relation to the attainment of the goals of circular economy. It also emphasized the process of making the identified anchors a part of the comprehensive transformation of the political, economic and social systems.

Speakers in this session:

  • Sanjeevani Yonzon Shrestha, Director, Wildlife Conservation Nepal

  • Shail Shrestha, Director, Digo Bikas Institute

  • Sneha Pandey, Clean Energy Nepal

  • Suman Basnet, Renewable Energy and Management Professional

  • Shilshila Acharya, CEO, Himalayan Climate Initiative

Closing Session

The session focused on reviewing the earlier discussions and providing major insights on the future of the circular economy in India, Bhutan and Nepal.

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Some glimpses from the discussion

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