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Letter from Our Founders | 2021

This beautiful piece of music is the perfect soundtrack for reading the letter.

The end of one year and the beginning of another seems to inspire us to reflect naturally. This time is interestingly filled with wrapping up projects, while also wrapping presents, planning strategic actions for the coming year, while also planning family celebrations, and reflecting on personal growth and accomplishments. Without stating the obvious, 2020 has been a challenging year marked by historical events and unforeseen changes to our professional and personal lives; it has also been a year of learning for all of us, either at an organization or individual level.

We at Social Friendly, came together to discover and implement new ways to enable our clients and partners swiftly react to the changing nature of business and customer experience. Understanding their needs led to the growth of our products and new services, such as Virtual Events, Hybrid Events, Product Management and Consulting, and several other solutions. We are proud of all we have accomplished with our valued clients and partners this year. Thank you for your continued encouragement and support, and we look forward to achieving your business goals in 2021.

Along with growing our skills and services, our Social Friendly family grew. For 2020 we had a Virtual / Remote Internship program, where we had Tanishka Lakhotia (Georgia Tech), Mohammed Raashid (IIM Calcutta) and Aditya Bagga (Amity University) join the Social Friendly family.

As a company, we adopted new ways to stay connected. From weekly virtual hangouts to mentorship sessions and a dedicated game-hour, we shared knowledge, stories, recipes, hobbies and found joy in small moments, while we got to know more about each another. Truthfully, this year’s adversity has brought us closer than ever.

We can’t say thank you enough to our team, partners and supporters, and we are truly humbled by and beyond appreciative of your relentless commitment to delighting our clients, dedication towards your work, and genuine caring for each other. 2021 is going to be even bigger and better for Social Friendly!

Here’s Wishing Social Friendly’ partners, clients, and employees a joyous, safe, and healthy holiday season and Happy New Year!

Akanksha Tyagi Prassenjit Lahiri

Founder Director

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