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Talent and Skills Development

Towards Individual, Team and Organizational Excellence

Harness the impact and power of Social Learning

Digital skills and learning modules

Social Friendly provides learning and development consulting services to help organizations overcome common business challenges to meet their unique objectives.

Great consulting is about providing good advice. And that comes after building a good relationship and gaining a thorough understanding. That’s our approach down to the ground. We want to get under the skin of your challenges and work together on a plan. From start to finish we’ll be a trusted partner.

Unlock learner power and let social learning flourish in your organisation. We'll help you diagnose how social and collaborative elements can complement your existing L&D offer. It's not just about the tools - we'll look at the right level of learner power for your business culture.​

We believe in going back to the basics and work out what is it that you really need. We'll help you define the goals and scope for your project and evaluate the skills and learning you already have in place - before building a plan together.

We know that delivering learning isn't just about a choice between digital or face to face. We'll help design the perfect blend for your learners, using whichever tools are best for the job. Get the balance right with us.​

In this age of Digital Transformation, when organizations are 'going Digital' to survive and thrive, one significant challenge could upset the plans. It is being said that there is a scarcity of people with Digital Transformation skills, wherein India alone will require around several Digital professionals by 2025.

Taking into account this reality, Social Friendly is working towards creating a future-ready and future-proof Digital Transformation (DT) workforce.

Our training programs and modules are targeted at young aspirants, entrepreneurs and professionals, who wish to enter the Digital services industry, as well as IT professionals looking to embrace new skills for the Digital world and take full potential of technological advances.

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